Integrative care for endometriosis, lifestyle, hormone balancing and fertility guidance with personalized planning through your treatment and journey

Let's Meet Dr Goldstein!

I'd like to start by saying I wear many hats. I am first off an Endometriosis patient, a mother who went through devastating infertility, a daughter of a long line of women with endometriosis and a surgeon who was fortunate to train with the world renowned Dr. Tamer Seckin. I have trained under Dr Tamer Seckin for the last 9 years. In that time I was also a patient who went through a few surgeries for Stage IV Endometriosis but more importantly a long and exhausting journey for fertility. After countless rounds of IVF (10!), surrogacy attempts, adoption attempts and many opinions I finally got my little miracle. I am forever grateful and indebted to all the care and support I got from colleagues, family, and patients who I learned so much from.

It is my hope to help patients not just have fertility success in whatever sense that means but also to have a wellness plan that is sustainable throughout their life. Endometriosis and infertility often go hand in hand but I do not believe either one is an end stop sentence. I had endometriosis and severe infertility but it doesn't define me. By always maintaining hope and flexibility and having a great tool box of strategies, you can find your best health and a fertile fruitful life. Even if that is achieving hormonal balance and healthy energy!

I also feel strongly that clarity and transparency in the fertility and gynecologic world is very important. Too often patients are not given answers, given incomplete exam and search for years for someone to listen. We believe in full exposure and restoration of the pelvis in order to achieve optimal health.  

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