Fertility Planning

Are you not ready for your fertility journey yet but you want to keep things in check or know your options?

Endometriosis can create trouble with fertility but if properly treated and followed it can significantly lessen your trouble later. 

Many technologies like egg freezing or (egg or embryo cryopreservation) can provide you with some small insurance for your future fertility. Since rapid freezing technologies were perfected years ago the ability to thaw and use those eggs later has greatly improved. Many companies are offering benefits to employees to utilize these technologies if they desire. NY state for instance passed a law in 2021 that mandates large companies over 100 require some fertility coverage. 

A baseline fertility blood panel can be checked as well as ultrasound of the ovaries to find out your current status. If you have a history of endometriosis or strongly desire fertility later but aren’t sure of plans now this is a good place to start. If you are doing a rigorous career, education or training and not sure when you will start your journey, this is a good place to start. If you are on the New York dating scene… this is a good place to start!  Lol (but sincerely). 

It is remarkable that we have these technologies available to change the fertility forecast and help future patients have more success than we were offered. 

Navigating you through this journey and who the best in the field are to help is part of our doctor’s passion. She can go through your current fertility plan and who you are seeing and discuss the right options moving forward, whether it be for endometriosis or something more tolerable. 

Transparency in the fertility process is something she is constantly upset and concerned about. We see too many patients who aren’t told simple facts, they have deep uterine adenomyosis likely causing all their miscarriages… they go through years of treatment without having this simple fact shown to them. Patients may have 10cm endometrioma that started as 2 cm cyst and continuously were told they are fine and continue egg retrievals with poor success. The stories go on and on. 

We believe firmly that realistic transparent facts should be told regarding fertility and the pelvic environment. All surgeries are photographed and with plenty of video clips to encourage full awareness of the environment, what was performed and know what to do moving forward. Only by being honest can the patient move forward in the best way.