Fertility Surgery (evaluating and optimizing)

After trying for fertility or failing multiple treatment options we suggest if indicated surgical evaluation in a multi-step procedure. Uterine cavity evaluation, ovarian evaluation and intra pelvic/abdominal evaluation can all be performed together in one procedure to optimize the time a patient spends under anesthesia and avoid multiple small diagnostic procedures. We suggest the following steps as a surgical process:

  1. Touchless hysteroscopy (camera intra vaginal and into the uterus without use of tenaculum or dilation in order to evaluate the natural angle and pathway of cervico-uterine junction. Uterine cavity evaluation immediately post period or on the period. This includes dilation of the cervix, endometrial sampling for inflammation or endometritis and polyp/fibroid/septum removal.
  2. Exploratory laparoscopy with complete evaluation of the abdomen, bowels, pelvis for any endometriosis, inflammation, adhesions, or disease process which could affect fertility. Aqua Blue Contrast technique patented by Dr Tamer Seckin can be used to evaluate for subtle endometriosis or non-pigmented lesions which could affect fertility outcome.
  3. Chromopertubation or flushing of the fallopian tubes
  4. Ovarian adhesion removal, cyst removal if needed and reconstruction of the ovaries.
  5. Photo and video documentation for future use by infertility doctor or OBGYN.
Hysteroscopy or camera in uterine cavity
Exploratory laparoscopy with ABC
Chromopertubation/tube flushing