Integrative hormone management

Integrative hormone management can be a combination of whatever fits best for the patient. Some patients may want synthetic birth control for its many benefits of contraception and suppression of ovarian cysts and heavy bleeding. Others may want a more individualized approach.

Endometriosis itself can cause trouble with ovarian function long term where patients have more premature ovarian dysfunction either caused by the disease itself for multiple surgeries.

In pateints who underwent early ovarian removal for severe disease it is recommended to have hormone replacement up until age 50-51 by ACOG. 

This doesn’t have to be the same terrible regimen women were placed on years ago with unopposed high dose estrogen. 

Hormone replacement with a balanced integrative approach takes into account all the hormones your ovary produces estrogen, progesterone and testosterone as well as stress hormones that maybe depleted in the adrenals. 

Thyroid hormones and vitamin deficiencies should also be addressed to get you feeling your best. There is a way out to get you feeling much better than before with more energy! 

Hormones can be given in forms of creams oral or sublingual tablets and customized to what works best for you. 

We work with mainstream and the best compounding pharmacies to come up with the right blend for you. 

Undergoing definitive surgery for endometriosis and desiring hormone management ahead? We can create the blend and start it preoperatively to avoid any hot flashes or major changes felt post op. 

Already feeling hot flashes, low energy or libido, poor muscle tone, brain fog? These can all be caused by unbalanced hormones.