Ovarian enhancement options

For patients with premature ovarian insufficiency or early ovarian compromise or failure it may seem like there are few options for fertility besides donor egg. Patients may not even be interested in fertility but would like optimal ovarian hormone function to avoid early menopause.

Some fertility practices are now offering PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections into the ovaries in order to try and help ovarian quality or follicle quantity.

One creative option if the patient is already undergoing fertility surgery or exploratory laparoscopy is to make use of the rich blood supply of the patient’s own omentum.

Omentopexy: Omentum which is a curtain like organ extending off of the lower stomach can be sutured or placed into different places in the abdomen for adhesion prevention or aid in blood supply. This is a common technique employed by many surgeons after difficult adhesion removal cases or cases of bowel resection or myomectomy where you want to create a new plane and adhesion barrier without using synthetics.

We suggest opening the ovary with a small incision and suturing or sewing the omentum inside the ovary to provide rich blood supply from the omentum. This can also greatly help patients who have had multiple egg retrievals or ovarian surgery and have ovarian adhesions.