Great letter 1- endometriosis
Great letter 3- endometriosis
Great letter 3- endometriosis


Sonam M.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis with multiple bilateral endometriomas. Fertility was a huge concern of mine and after meeting multiple doctors, flew to New York to have surgery with Dr Seckin and Dr Goldstein. The surgery was successful but I knew I had a tough road ahead with my fertility journey. Dr Goldstein was very reassuring and put me in touch with two ivf specialists who dispensed excellent advice. She also kindly shared her own fertility journey with me and was able to relate to what I was going through. Her advice on supplementation and nutrition was also a big help to me. When ivf seemed to have failed for me she recommended I have a secondary clean out surgery before resuming with ivf, which I did. Against all odds I fell pregnant naturally and got a positive test the day I was meant to start ivf number 10, one month post surgery. She truly is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable surgeons there is, with a strong understanding of the ivf process, and I am so happy to be a patient of hers.

Asma S.

Dr Karli Goldstein is a wonderful doctor. She is knowledgeable, listens to her patients, she is detailed orientated and explains well. She is patient, caring and gives you time during your check up. I just love her!

julia n.

I just shared on social media, but I thought I should come give some more love. I had surgery with Dr. Goldstein & Dr. Seckin 2 years ago. And the outcome was good. SO much changed for me, and yet I still have pain. It's helpful to remember that the human body is complicated, and no one course of action works for every woman. I've been in touch over the last 2 years and am having a great deal of relief after physical therapy and working closely with my docs at home. But it's not enough to keep the big pain away. So I went to see Dr. G today and for the first time in 11 years I believe I have a chance at a real future again. We talked for an hour and a half about my case, my pain, my options and we came up with a plan. Next step is non surgical. If we wind up back in the OR, we also have a plan. I am completely confident in the next few months as we work through my options and I am actually looking forward to my future. Dr. Goldstein believes I can live a pain free life, and I believe in her. Thank you so much for today. You changed my outlook for the future & I couldn't ask for better doctors. Thank you so much. Xoxo Julia

Sophie R.

Dr. Goldstein is the first doctor to offer me hope in the last fifteen years. Finally, after dealing with endometriosis for so long, Dr. Goldstein listened to my health issues, my pain, and my emotional trauma. From Day 1, Dr. Goldstein gave me nurturing, answers, and resolutions. I finally had my surgery, which turned out to be more complicated than expected, but Dr. Goldstein handled it with ease and precision. With the help of Dr. Goldstein, I now have a future to look forward to. Thank you to the amazing team, including Kim, Dennay and Tammy. You guys are the best! Dr. Goldstein and her team doesn't treat their patients like numbers, they treat them like family.